Monthly Archives: December 2022


by Stanton E. Samenow

As the first guest entered, Anne Muphy O’Neil, the hostess lit up, embraced him, remarking heartily, “Great to see you.”

There was no fakery there!  Anne’s delight was genuine in encounters with the many friends who visited her home.

She glowed as she ushered them into the great room
The overall lighting was subdued, but there was nothing subdued about Anne (who may not have known what the word meant)

Candles glowed at place settings with gleaming crystal and dazzling, but understated, dinnerware.

The O’Neil home was abuzz with light and life.
The hostess was party organizer, cook, and often the entertainer

Anne O’Neil lit up her home with a booming voice singing songs from Broadway shows while playing the piano.

Life, light, paying attention to detail — this was Anne (or at least part of her marvelous multi-faceted personality).

The giver of the light is no longer physically here.

Nonetheless, that light endures and will never be extinguished.

Five decades and more

My love lies beside me in our bed softly, so softly sleeping.
Five decades and more has it been so, fifty-six years,
And all that while the flame has never gone out, held in her keeping,
Through rejoicing and woe, through laughter and tears.
I reach out to touch her warmth, and start awake, weeping.

——William D. O’Neil, 10 December 2022

On the death of Anne

Good night, my princess, good night!
You fly now to a place beyond pain, beyond sorrow, where there is only light.
I would gladly soar too but I must stay in this barren wilderness of blight
Until at last time comes to join in your flight.

Good night sweet princess!
May flights of angels bear you to your rest!

[This simple verse came to me on the evening of Anne’s death, Nov 22, as I wrote the notice. I think it is worth saving.]